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Today I saw The Mall, the Capitol, part of the White House, Mount… - Y bailar y bailar, y tomar y tomar [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Jun. 27th, 2004|10:48 pm]
[Current Mood |bouncybouncy]
[Current Music |Downfall - Matchbox 20; Dream its Over - Six Pence..Richer]

Today I saw The Mall, the Capitol, part of the White House, Mount Vernen(sp), Claremont (i think it was), and that's about it. I also found two very good poems, or so I think.

Home on the Range

There is a land in the West where nature is blessed
With a beauty so vast and austere,
And though you have flown off to cities unknown
Your memories bring you back here.

Home, home on the range
Where the deer and the antelope play.
Where seldome is hear a discouraging word
And the skies are not cloudy all day.

Where the air is so pure, and the zeyphrs so free,
The breezes so balmy and light,
That I would not exchange my home on the range
For all the cities so bring.

How often at night when the skies are so bright
With the light of glittering stars,
Have I stood here amazed and asked as I gazed
If their glory exceed that of ours.

Where the teepes were raised in a cool shady place
By the rivers where sweet grasses grew
Where the bison were found on the great hunting ground
And fed all the nations of Sioux.

The canyons and buttes like old twisted roots
And the sandstone of ancient stream beds
In the sun they rise to dazzle our eyes
With their lavenders, yellows, and reds.

Oh, give me a land where the bright diamond sand
Flows leisurely down to the stream;
Where the graceful white swan goes gliding along
Like a maid in a heavenly dream

When it comes my time to leave this world behind
And fly off to regions unknown,
Please lay my remains on the great plains,
Out in my sweet prairie home.

Home, home on the plains
Here in the grass where we lie
When our work day is done by the light of the sun
As it sets in the blue prairie sky.


I thoroughly enjoy that poem.

My life has been slightly dramatic since I left CA, but not a soap opera. If you would like to inquire with futher details simply e-mail me. If you don't know my e-mail address, then I really don't like you THAT much. :)) jk. Then, um...yeah just comment with your e-mail address. There's just a bit much that is personal to some other people I know to post in a public entry. But, I wanted everyone to read that poem so that's why its a public entry.

From: countinthetears
2004-06-27 10:27 pm (UTC)
kendal!!!! i love you !!!....cori
if ya wanna talk email me !!!!! countinthetears@aol.com
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[User Picture]From: dreamenchantres
2004-06-28 08:33 am (UTC)
I shall e-mail you when I have more time. Its not a depressing or anything..its actually quite amusing. So I'll tell you when I get back from my day! I get to visit GWU!
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